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Our staff have many years experience in putting together national and international launches and road shows.

Our management and operations team have years of experience behind them, so we can assist you not just on an organisational level, but can offer strategic input for the theming and content of your lauch or event.

Round Australia roadshows in shopping centres and other venues, including portable stand and presentation materials design.
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Outdoor launches including crowd control, police liason, security, audio, large screen TV's and live performances.

Product launches, seminars and meetings, including invitations, breakfasts, business sessions and gala awards dinners and parties.

We use the very best production staff and equipment in all states in Australia, and are also able to coordinate simultaneous launches linked by satellite to all states in Australia and overseas.
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Every aspect of an event can be organised by us, including:

bullet talent
bullet venues
bullet staging
bullet entertainment
bullet scripting
bullet staging
bullet presentations
bullet accommodation and airfares

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