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Our Event pedigree starts back in 1988, when our founder and Executive Technical Producer, Peter Puchner, founded Visual Event Management as a technical presentation company.
Since then VEM has developed a fine-tuned and successful synergy between innovative technical solutions and solid theatrical design, resulting in new and expanded dimensions in detailed event production. VEM developed and maintained a strong client focus and actively promoted long-term relationships.
Since those early days, our ongoing aim is to work closely with our clients, embracing their marketing and communication strategies to produce technical presentation events that convey their key messages and values in a diverse and impactive manner.

Attention to detail and quality of work, paired with years of industry experience, make us the perfect choice to partner with to produce outstanding events.
We can assist you, not just on an organisational level, but also on a strategic level.
By creating the concept, design and content of your event under one roof, we ensure continuity, integrity and consistency throughout every element.
Our business offering is based on four solid pillars.
Southbank Christmas Screenings DESIGN:

Our production designers work through every nuance of an event, ensuring integrity and consistency of message, from the guests very first point of contact.
Our designers work closely with our clients to define the focus and direction of each event. Then, after considering the demographic and psychology of the guests and other influences, our team works to create a unique and inspiring event structure. This structure will take the guests on a journey from the moment they arrive; and guarantees they depart with the desired message.
Once the flow of the event is defined, our designers set about creating the environment. They consider the sensory impact of each element; and tailor elements and finishes to the nature and duration of each event.
Disney Channel FanFest

VEM has a solid technical production base. Our technical directors are constantly researching the latest technology. They are often called on to advise and oversee large installations ranging from bank dealing rooms, to gala dinners and theme parks.
Our technicians work closely with the design and logistics team on each event from concept to creation and are among the best in the field. Then our production managers make sure it happens, on time and on budget.
Allwith our hands-on involvement at every stage!
Magic Mike XXL Film Premiere

VEM had a long-held reputation for managing large-scale, logistical events with public safety provisions second to none.
Our team of production managers generate detailed risk assessment packages and our thorough traffic and crowd control planning has earned us a close working relationship with police and council bodies throughout Australia.
By encouraging clients to work with us in the planning stage of the event, we can ensure the theme is integrated into every aspect, and is consistent with the strategic direction of the company and it's objectives.
Walter Mitty Large Screen Entrance

Our graphics crew works alongside the production team to generate all the digital graphic requirements for an event; from banners to customised backdrops and stage sets as well as on-screen presentations.
We have in-house editing facilities to design, script and create promotional videos, video highlight packages, video news releases (VNR), webcasts and Vlogs.
We'll also provide speaker training and script writing services, to ensure that our clients are always showcased at their best.

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