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VEM offers the very best in computer graphics. From design and layout to high-tech 3D animation, pictures and transfers, we create and supply world class graphics.

These graphics can be applied to large screen launches in outdoor events, small roadshows, corporate sales presentations, video conferences, and exhibitions.

We will specifically tailor all speaker presentations to suit the speaker, the audience and the style of event.
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pfe touchscreen

travel tech presenation
We supply presentations and graphics for all purposes, including the following:

bullet touch screens for trade shows, exhibitions, street directories and building foyers
bullet graphics awards dinners and presentations
bullet speaker support presentations for conferences, seminars and exhibitions
bullet layouts for video and film storyboards and exhibition stands and sets
bullet graphics and images for written reports, posters, banners, and photographic montages
bullet electronic or printed presentations for sales representatives and different company divisions

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kpmg presentation