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Visual Event Management has embarked upon a new exciting project over the last couple of years known as the "Book Of Spells".

The "Book Of Spells" refers to the exclusive retreats we organise for top executives. We offer our clients luxury holidays and business packages at carefully selected destinations all over the world. These locations offer a unique experience for sightseeing and usually a well earned rest, along with business facilities that may be required. The duration of most "Book Of Spells" experiences can be tailored to suit individual requirements, however we have based our current list of destinations on a duration of four to five days.



Our most recent "Book Of Spells" destination was at the Four Seasons Resort in the Maldives in December 2003. There were 40 participants. Their trip included everything from relaxing amongst the resort facilities such as the marvellous spa treatments, yoga and swimming, to specially organised activities such as game fishing, diving or local cooking classes.

The activities throughout the day ranged from team regattas on catamarans, to island hopping where a choice of various activities were made available, treating both the adventurous and relaxed-minded alike. Soaking up the sun, or diving with the amazing fish life; the choice can be yours. Seaplanes can take you to islands you may want to visit, all the time being surrounded by a picturesque island paradise, where the crystal blue waters never end.

From dinners on deserted beaches with local entertainment to unique picnics at hard to reach places, food, wine and service is of the highest standard.

Visual Event Management has 15 years of experience producing events of various kinds, including incentive vacations like the "Book Of Spells". We understand the high standards of service and seamless logistical requirements that are expected from our clients. We know that consistency with brand, image and experience are crucial to any event which is why the "Book Of Spells" is a magical experience for those involved.

Other "Book Of Spells" destinations include Antarctica, Kota Kinabalu and Pangor Laut Malaysia, Tahiti, The Kimberly's and Hobart in Australia, New Zealand, Dubai and Thailand.

Please don't hesitate to contact us regarding these special opportunities.


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