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bulletWalter Mitty Film Premiere

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Anchorman 2 Film Premiere - Sydney, November 2013

The Brief from Paramount Pictures was to produce a truly special World Class Premiere event for the new Anchorman2 film.

The event was being attended by all the Main cast, Director and producers and befitting the cult status of the film, all 12 cinemas were to be used, allowing for 3000 invited guests.

A pre-screening cocktail party was to be held for 500 VIP invited guests.

Sydney’s Hoyts Cinema at The Entertainment Quarter was chosen to be the venue for this fun event due to the size of the forecourt allowing the building of a number of movie-inspired sets for the event and having room for the estimated 3200 guests. All 12 cinemas were used for the screening, with the VVIP talent (7 in all) introducing 3 cinemas live. The introduction in one cinema was beamed into the other 9.

The Heritage park area was chosen for the pre-screening party and the area was divided with the use of 4 themed marquees, each marquee dressed with images of one of the 4 main male leads.

The carpet was the largest seen at The Entertainment Quarter, with a full 8m width of Burgundy plush carpet running the length of the forecourt for the VVIP and guest arrivals. The media turnout, expected to be large, was huge, and the media and photographers were given access to all the talent and the VIP guests along the 40m carpet length.

Fans and ticketed guests had their own area to be up front and personal with the film’s stars and were then given access to their own cinemas for the screening.

The carpet was designed to be a free access area, with only rope and bollard separating media from the guests; and talent and guests alike were free to be able to wander across to greet fans and then to talk with the media as they pleased. This gave the expansive carpet a very “Oscars” pre-party feel.

Inside the Main foyer of the cinema complex, another large run of burgundy carpet, edged with black allowed guests to have their own photo-opportunity moment on the way to the cinemas.

The technical complexity of the TV telecast was significant, requiring the use of all cinemas to be tuned for the event, a projector to be brought in to provide the IMAG telecast to the IMAX cinema and over 1 kilometer (3,300 feet) of HD-SDI cable to link all cinemas at 1080p quality and to switch the 3 camera red-carpet TV feed to all cinemas, then switch 9 of them to the Introductions in Cinema 1.

Will Ferrell, David Koechner, Paul Rudd and Steve Carell delighted fans by singing “Afternoon Delight” at the conclusion of the introductions.

Large Burgundy Carpet for Anchorman 2

Download the Information sheet here.(212kb).


Anchorman 2 Red Carpet Plan

Anchorman 2 Red Carpet

Anchorman 2 Red Carpet

Anchorman 2 Media Frenzy

Stars at Media Wall

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty Film Premiere - Sydney, November 2013

The Brief from 20th Century Fox was to design and produce a truly spectacular Film Premiere event for the new film from Ben Stiller, The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty.

The event needed to be aspirational and larger than life, as befitted the premise of the film as a life-changing and soul-searching experience.

The Premiere was to be for 1200 invited guests, to meet and greet principal actors Ben Stiller and Kristen Wiig.

Sydney’s Entertainment Centre in Haymarket was chosen for the Premiere event for a number of reasons. It is a very large and imposing venue, in the middle of Sydney’s entertainment precinct, it has played host to some of the biggest International names in entertainment, it had the space for the red-carpet event, the pre-screening cocktail party and the room to build a purpose-made screening cinema, with the latest and best quality in Projection and Audio.

The Red Carpet was designed to run from the corner of Little Pier and Harbour Streets, across the park adjacent the Entertainment Centre and into the Gate B entrance. In keeping with the large-scale aspirational nature of the event, massive 4m high image panels were designed to line the carpet. The images on these panels were taken from the film’s inspiring moments and the carpet itself was 8m wide to allow for a true Hollywood style red-carpet experience.

Once inside the Foyer, the huge large-scale imagery continued, with animated images from the film projected onto floor to ceiling height projection panels. Leading guests into the cocktail party area was a tunnel lined with large 4 screen videowalls, again showing repeated imagery from elements of the footage.

The cocktail party continued the theme, being a completely black draped elegantly lit room, with 5 massive projection screens, each 16m (53’) x 9m (30’) playing the atmospheric and emotive moving scenes.

Our guests enjoyed the cocktail party prior to moving under the cinema projection screen into the projection space. We dressed the Entertainment Centre down into a “Super Intimate” mode, allowing seating space for 1200 guests and installed a 20m cinemascope screen, complete with masking and side draping and a surround 7.1 L-Acoustics Kudo sound system for the space. Picture and sound quality were exceptional, as was needed for a film of this standard.

After the film’s screening, our two VVIP guests came back on stage with a host, to rapturous applause, for a 20 minute Q&A about the film and the various elements going into the making of it.

Our guests left via the red-carpet and the serenity and immensity of the surrounding images, which had been left in pace for the duration of the event.

Immersive floor to ceiling projections

Download the Information sheet here.(172kb).


Kristen Wiig and Media Wall

Red Carpet and Image Panels

Media Interviews Ben Stiller and Kriten Wiig

Walter Mitty Cocktail Party

Ben and Kristen QandA after Screening